Wahhabism/Saudis A Colonial British Creation & Puppets Of US

Uploaded on 16 Jun 2010

Wahabism In Arab & Its B Team In Subcontinent Deobandism/Tablighi Jamaat Are Colonial Era’s British Planted Traitors Among Muslims, These Both Deviant Cults Emerged Only After The British Arrival On Muslim Lands With Infamous Policy Of “Divide & Rule”. Wahhabism Or Fake Salafism With Backing Of British Mind, Money & Arms & Collaboration Of Ancestral Desert Bandits & Looters Of Past Al-Saud & Their Traditional Nature Of Brutality & Betray Played Leading Role In Fall Of Islamic Ottoman Empire & As A War Booty Or Reward For Licking Their British Master’s Shoes Awarded By British What It Is Today’s Saudi Arabia The Breeding Ground For Its Byproduct The Wahhabi Terrorism.
In Shape Of Terrorism Threat Western Societies Are “Cutting” What Some Minority Idiots From Among Themselves “Sowed” In Past.

Globalists created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State

Britain and the Rise of Wahhabism and the House of Saud

The British, the Middle East, and Radical Islam

Confessions Of A British Spy

House of Saud, Zionists, Al Qaeda and CIA destroyed Middle East – Dr. Kevin Barrett



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  1. Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Betrayar of Islam by Sheikh Imran Hossein

    Published on 5 Mar 2012
    This book(The Caliphate, The Hijaz and the Saudi Wahabi Nation State) is a part of a larger unpublished work on the Organisation of Islamic Conference. It documents and exposes the complicity of the Saudi-Wahabi alliance in the fall of the Khilafate and the subsequent obstacles imposed to prevent the re-establishment of the Khilafat. Required reading for Muslims who are seeking to make sense of the world today.
    Download Link: http://imranhosein.org/media/books/ca

    Lecture on lecture “Imam Mahdi (AS) & The Return of the Caliphate” and also the report of “Lowest water levels in Sea of Galilee”

    These two books also be helpful to do more research on this field.
    1) “Surrendering Islam, The Subversion of Islam, Throughout History Until the Present Day”
    Download Link: http://www.surrenderingislam.com/site
    Online Reading Link: http://www.surrenderingislam.com/

    2) “Terrorism and The Illuminati, a three thousand years history”
    Download Link: http://www.terrorism-illuminati.com/s
    Online Reading Link: http://www.terrorism-illuminati.com/


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  2. Uploaded on 11 Nov 2011
    The Saudis are now set on unprecedented onslaught of demolishing the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alyh wa sallam and other historical structures in the heart of Mecca and Medina, the cradle of Islam, revered by the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims. Over the last two decades most of Makkah’s 1000-year-old historic sites have been bulldozed and replaced by hotels and other concrete jungles. Failure to protect them from destruction is the biggest tragedy for the Islamic architectural heritage. The Saudi royal family claims to be guardians of the holy places of Islam, and profit hugely from the centuries by visiting believers to Makkah and Medina for pilgrimage. And yet, they are party to this barbaric desecration of the holiest sites in the Islamic world.

    Today, the religious zealots in Saudi Arabia are not alone. Commercial developers such as Bin Laden Group have joined hands with them and are making hundreds of millions in profits as they build ugly, but lucrative high-rises that are shadowing the Grand Mosque know as the Kaaba. Today Saudi petrodollars have the ability to silence even its most vocal critics, but when all is said and done, history will render a harsh judgment on those who try to wipe out its footprints and steal the heritage of all humanity.

    Saudi Arabia, in which Wahhabism is the state form of Islam, has a long history of vandalizing and demolishing historical monuments. Cultural devastation of Islamic heritage sites is not a new phenomenon. In 1801 the Saudis-Wahabbis waged a campaign against the Shia Muslim destroying and defacing the sacred tomb of the Imam Hussein in Karbala, Iraq. Then in early 1920 Saudi rulers Aal-e-Sa’ud bulldozed and levelled a graveyard in Medina – Cemetery of Al-Baqee -and Jannatul Moualla – in the holy city of Makkah that housed the shrines of the holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alyh wa sallam, his family and his companions. This anniversary falls Oct 9th, (8th Shawal 1426) and is Know as Yaum-e-Ghum.

    The Saudis followed their conquest of Mecca and Medina in the mid-1920s with an orgy of destruction. They levelled the “Jannat al-Baqi” or “Heavenly Orchard” at Medina that included graves of the Prophet Muhammad’s son Abraham, as well as numerous of the Prophet’s relatives and companions. They also looted the Prophet’s Shrine in Medina and demolished the cemetery in Mecca that included the graves of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alyh wa sallam’s mother and grandfather. They completely destroyed mausoleums, mosques, and other honoured sites, including Muhammad sallallahu alyh wa sallam’s own house. It was even said that they wished to uproot the grave of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alyh wa salllam himself and tear down the Kaaba, the stone temple at the centre of Mecca. They were prevented from this last act by pressure from Muslims around the world. Wahabism vandalism continues today, by levelling of five of seven mosques built in the city Mecca & Medina by Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alyh wa sallam’s daughter and four of his companions. These structures are the Mosque of Sayyida Fatima bint Rasulillah, Salman al-Farsi Mosque, Abu Bakr Mosque, Umar ibn al-Khattab Mosque, and Mosque of Ali ibn Abi Talib. Wahhabism is not about faith, but about power and nothing better illustrates the power of the state, in the mind of the Saudi rulers, than the desecration of holy places–including Islamic sites dating from the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alyh wa sallam himself.


    Geplaatst door ariannelot | 3 september 2014, 10:57
  3. Source: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2015/02/04/ISIS-selling-crucifying-burying-children-alive-in-Iraq-U-N-.html

    ISIS selling, crucifying, burying children alive in Iraq: U.N.

    By Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters | Geneva
    Wednesday, 4 February 2015
    Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are selling abducted Iraqi children at markets as sex slaves, and killing other youth, including by crucifixion or burying them alive, a United Nations watchdog said on Wednesday.

    Iraqi boys aged under 18 are increasingly being used by the militant group as suicide bombers, bomb makers, informants or human shields to protect facilities against U.S.-led air strikes, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said.

    “We are really deeply concerned at torture and murder of those children, especially those belonging to minorities, but not only from minorities,” committee expert Renate Winter told a news briefing. “The scope of the problem is huge.”

    Children from the Yazidi sect or Christian communities, but also Shi’ites and Sunnis, have been victims, she said.

    “We have had reports of children, especially children who are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding,” Winter told Reuters. “There was a video placed (online) that showed children at a very young age, approximately eight years of age and younger, to be trained already to become child soldiers.”

    Islamic State is a breakaway al Qaeda group that declared an Islamic caliphate across parts of Syria and Iraq last summer. It has killed thousands and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes, in what the United Nations has called a reign of terror.

    On Tuesday, the group, which is also known as ISIL, released a video showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive.

    The U.N. body, which reviewed Iraq’s record for the first time since 1998, denounced “the systematic killing of children belonging to religious and ethnic minorities by the so-called ISIL, including several cases of mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children and burying children alive”.

    A large number of children have been killed or badly wounded during air strikes or shelling by Iraqi security forces, while others had died of “dehydration, starvation and heat”, it said.

    ISIL has committed “systematic sexual violence”, including “the abduction and sexual enslavement of children”, it said.

    “Children of minorities have been captured in many places… sold in the market place with tags, price tags on them, they have been sold as slaves,” Winter said, giving no details.

    The 18 independent experts who worked on the report called on Iraqi authorities to take all necessary measures to “rescue children” under the control of Islamic State and to prosecute perpetrators of crimes.

    “There is a duty of a state to protect all its children. The point is just how are they going to do that in such a situation?”, Winter said.

    Last Update: Wednesday, 4 February 2015 KSA 21:01 – GMT 18:01


    Geplaatst door ariannelot | 11 oktober 2015, 10:30

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