Published on 26 Jan 2014

British author CHRIS EVERARD investigates the ROYAL FAMILY and their NAZI relatives who funded Hitler. CHRIS EVERARD then goes on to expose how the TALIBAN stopped the OPIUM trade in Afghanistan, but were then invaded by the administration of GEORGE BUSH under orders of Buckingham Palace. You can watch the entire TWO HOUR movie in HD quality at the ENIGMA CHANNEL – sign-up for free here http://www.enigmatv.com/the_enigma_ch…


2 gedachtes over “SUPERSTATE – a film by CHRIS EVERARD © 2014

  1. Published on 29 May 2014
    Join my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Truthtube451

    Catch the Kev Baker show every weeknight from 11pm-midnight in the UK, 7pm-8pm EST
    URGENT — Ole Dammegård Report From BILDERBERG 2014 — FALSE FLAG ALERT!!

    ROBOCOPALYPSE — Terminator Just Got Real

    Tonight, The Kev Baker Show is immensely proud to present Mr Christopher Everard, and tonight the guys will be be taking a closer look at the robotics industry, and in particular the google robots and their recent acquisition of Boston Dynamics robotics Department. With the internet-of-things being rolled out as we speak, this is a key time for everyone to get educated on the coming Invasion of the Robots

    So be sure to join Kev Baker, John Sinclair & Martin Hardy from Midnight UK / 7pm EST / 4pm PST for the fastest filled hour on radio


    The Kev Baker Show see’s popular Youtuber TruthTube451 take to the microphone for this his all new project. Kev, joined by friends John “Whistler” Sinclair & DJsNorthWest, they are, like the listeners, on a quest for veritas in these dark times, and Kev invites everyone to join him on his nightly show to take a look at the real news behind the main stream snooze.

    From the NWO to the Announaki, Space To The Occult & of course the Exposure of all the Luciferiens FALSE FLAGGERY AND BALLBAGGERY, no stone will ever be left unturned on Scotlands newest podcast.


    Geplaatst door ariannelot | 9 september 2014, 10:20
  2. Published on 20 Jul 2014
    Insights, History, First hand knowledge….. a valuable and emotional reflection on the abominable tragedy and crimes against humanity in Gaza and Israel. Activists and broadcasters share their hearts and years of research and dedication to others to expose the harsh reality of genocide and ethnic cleansing .


    Geplaatst door ariannelot | 9 september 2014, 10:25

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