CHEMTRAIL TRUTH! Bill Gates, Monsanto, S510, Xe, BP oil spill, V2!

Published on 15 Apr 2012

Original uploaded by crackerwv on Aug 19, 2011

Here’s the patent links…
Patent 3899144 (Powder Contrail Generation): http://www.freepatentsonline.com/3899144.html
Patent 5003186 (Welsbach Seeding): http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5003186.html
Patent 7582809 (Aluminum Resistant Seeds): http://www.patents.com/us-7582809.html
( Just a note…for those who want the song, it is Constellation by the Firmament Band)

If you disagree or choose to dislike this video, please don’t be a COWARD and run off without giving us a reason or a chance to educate you properly. I REALLY want to know the reasoning and thoughts of a person that would defend such evil actions.

The other things in the video you can just search for on a search engine. The reason I did not provide those links is simply because I WANT people to just OBSERVE how much information is out there concerning everything I put in this video. Just type in company names, people’s names, court cases involving MONSANTO. NAZI involvement of these companies in WARS and depopulation. Another reason you SHOULD DO THIS is because YOU might stumble across some information I did not see. I want people to come back and share that with others OR take it and make your own videos and such about it. We are ALL in this together and we ALL must work in conjunction, just as these companies do against US, to EXPOSE these people.

People do not realize just how bizarre of a world we are living in right now and to the extent at which those in power will go to retain it. This video is a representation of just a FEW things I researched and wanted to share.

There’s much more to this. The ties to Bush, Rumsfeld, GD Searle, IG Farben, Hitler…it just goes on and on. If anyone would like be to even further expand on this information, leave it in a comment. Monsanto will never admit but THEY WERE directly connected with the company in Hungary that spilled the red fluoride sludge that killed 100 people and infested the Danube.

So much to say…I just don’t want to throw TOO much at people at a time and I like to leave the door open for personal research. PLEASE look this information up… but be warned, if you do not believe this is happening, you will be in for a disappointment and you will be grieving your former opinion because it will be dead and your new one will help set us free.




Een gedachte over “CHEMTRAIL TRUTH! Bill Gates, Monsanto, S510, Xe, BP oil spill, V2!

  1. Check some of the videos of UFO’s descending into the chemtrails to neutralize them. Many people are simply in denial. They simply want to cash in and live the good life they see their corporate, Illuminati masters living. If you try to wake them up, they will only attack you for bursting their deluded bubble. Don’t worry about the sleep walkers…. and when they do snap out of it, they’ll be trying to tell us they knew it all along… gotta love the human ego, huh? I pay the fools no mind or attention anymore. They are a mighty foolish looking lot at the moment and are fast running out of excuses and straws to grasp. Basically, it’s time to leave the blind to their own delusions and devises. There’s enough people awake now to the point where we don’t need the sleep walkers. Let them hide in their delusions while the rest of do the heavy lifting… their shame and guilt will be a heavy cross to bear when this battle is over. Glad I’m not one of them


    Geplaatst door Wanderer | 26 oktober 2014, 16:10

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