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The Stupidity of Those Who Say ”You Waahabi”:

Praise be to Allaah.

It is obligatory upon the Muslim to follow the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), according to the way of the righteous salaf who followed the guidance of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), the Sahaabah and those who followed them — may Allaah be pleased with them all. These people are called Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah (the People of the Sunnah and the Community). Everyone who follows the way brought by the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is one of them. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) brought the message of Tawheed (absolute Oneness of Allaah) and rejection of shirk (polytheism, or association of others with Allaah); he called people to worship Allaah alone and none other. With regard to the word “Wahhaabis”, some people use this word to refer to the message of Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab ibn Sulaymaan al-Tameemi al-Hanbali (may Allaah have mercy on him), and they call him and his followers Wahhaabis. Everyone who has any knowledge of the movement of Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab (may Allaah have mercy on him) and his message knows that he sought to spread the message of pure Tawheed and to warn against shirk in all its forms, such as attachment to the dead, or to trees and rocks, etc. In his ‘aqeedah (belief), he was following the way of the righteous Salaf and the Taabi’een [i.e., the earliest generations of Islam], as is indicated by his books and fatwas, and the books of his followers among his sons and grandsons and others. All of these books are in print and are in circulation among the people. His message was in accordance with the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Wahhaabism is not a new way or a new school of thought; rather it is a call to Tawheed and the revival of aspects of the religion that had been forgotten. What you have to do is to beware of those who warn you against the Wahhaabis, because they are warning you against following the truth and the early generation of this ummah. Applying the word “Wahhaabis” to those who adhere to correct belief and warning people against them is the way of the ignorant and biased. We ask Allaah to keep you safe and sound.

See Fataawa al-Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him), 3/1206; see also Question # 12203. And Allaah knows best/
Islam Q&A
Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

Advice to those who do not recognize the Salafi scholars and call them Wahhaabis:



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Source: http://www.hraicjk.org/saudi_arabia_and_wahhabism.html

Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab
Abdul Wahhab was a stern eighteenth century Muslim revivalist who considered that Islam, and Arabia in particular) needed cleansing and repurifying. Rather than worshipping just the one God, men were praying to saints, stones and statues. For this reason the Wahhabis call themselves unitarians. In Saudi Arabia the home of Wahhabism, the name is not used as it is considered integral to Islam and not a separate sect.
The descendants of Abdul Wahhab, the Al al Sheikh, are still chief of the ulama, the religious advisers to the Saudis. The unitarians see no separation whatever between church and state and so the King of the Saudis is also their Imam (spiritual leader).
Within sixty years the puritans controlled most of what is Saudi Arabia today including the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina. The zealots imposed their will on their citizens and the pilgrims and destroyed what was not to their liking such as hookahs, musical instruments and human portraits.
In 1818 the Ottoman Caliph retaliated. Mecca was seized; Diriyah the Saudi capital was laid waste, the inhabitants of Diriyah and Riyadh were left to starve and the Saudi ruler was beheaded.
In 1871 the Turks again smashed the renascent Saudis and it was not until 1902 that Abdul Aziz Bin Saud, known in the west as Ibn Saud, conquered Riyadh with forty men.
In 1912 a revival of Wahhabism led to the formation of a religious settlement at the village of Artawiyah, 300 miles north of Riyadh under the auspices of the Ikhwan, the Brotherhood. Artawiyah soon grew to a town of ten thousand population, of former bedouins who now devoted their time to farming and to the Qur’an. They enforced attendance at the mosque by whipping those who did not go; they whipped shopkeepers who did not close during prayers. Even today automatic teller machines are switched off during prayers. They forbade moustaches longer than the Prophet’s, and banned music and smoking. They killed Christians, and even Muslims who did not recite the Qur’an nicely.
Ibn Saud took control of the Brotherhood and in 1916 ordered all his Bedouin tribes to emulate Artawiyah. They were given instructions in Wahhabism with Ibn Saud as their king and Imam. The Ikhwan became a fanatical fighting machine and on the 25th May 1919 had a fearsome triumph over the much superior Hashemite force at Turaba, sixty miles from Mecca. Even Ibn Saud feared for the lives of the Meccans and had to disband the Ikhwan.
In 1924, a band of three thousand Ikhwan looted and burnt the town of Taif, killing three hundred townsfolk. Not having seen mirrors before, they smashed all that they could find.
After the massacre at Taif, Ibn Saud forbade further looting and murder and by 1926, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and indeed most of Arabia fell, comparatively bloodlessly, into Saudi hands.
Ibn Saud no longer needed the Ikhwan. The crunch came when the Brotherhood attacked the Egyptian hajji of 1926. Accompanying them was a noisy brass band which offended the puritanical sensitivities of the Ikhwan. Ibn Saud’s response was to clear them out of the Holy Places back to their desert settlements of which there were about one hundred by now.
The Ikhwan were not pleased with what Ibn Saud allowed in the state. Instead of banning tobacco he increased taxes on it. In January 1927 Ibn Saud had to confer with three thousand odd Ikhwan with the ulama as adjudicators. The zealots raised the fact that Prince Feisal was visiting infidel England, Shiism still flourished in the Kingdom, Christian and Satanic contraptions such as the telegraph were being installed. While the ulama was sympathetic to many of these views they ruled that the calling of a jihad was up to the Imam, Ibn Saud.
The Ikhwan, still determined on jihad, raided across Saudi borders butchering men, women and children and herding back their animals. Transjordan and Iraq formed defence corps backed by British armored cars, radios and aeroplanes. Unable to raid outside of Saudi Arabia, the fighting turned inwards against other Wahhabis. Their moral strength dissipated and Ibn Saud with an army of loyalists met the rebel Ikhwan near Zilfi.
Ibn Saud was magnanimous in victory and allowed the rebels to return home. Several times they tried to rebel again but Ibn Saud used “Christian contraptions” such as motor cars against them. By 1930 the Ikhwan armies were completely demolished.
Nevertheless the ulama was still Wahhabist. Ibn Saud was able to demonstrate that the radio was a medium for Qur’anic verses, and insisted that his photographs be displayed. Football was legalized in 1951 but alcohol which had been available to non-Muslims was banned in 1952. In 1956 a strike was made a punishable offence and trade unions and political parties were banned; Two hundred strikers were arrested and three leaders were publicly beaten to death.
In 1957 King Saud banned women from driving. This of course is not shariah as no cars existed in Muhammad’s time. The reason given is that a properly dressed woman could not change a tyre, talk to traffic police or other drivers. Probably the main reason, however, is to control women’s movements especially in the light of Muslim obsession with female sexuality.
The King allowed in U S troops as part of a Training Mission on the proviso that it be free of Jews and that Christian ceremonies were forbidden. In 1962 there had been about thirty thousand slaves in Saudi Arabia but pressure by the United Nations eventually brought about the abolition of slavery, despite opposition by the fundamentalists.
In 1965 the Wahhabis led a violent demonstration against the King’s decision to set up a T V Service in the kingdom.
In 1966 the King was embarrassed by articles in the newspapers written by the Vice-President of the Islamic University of Medina. He had evidence that Copernican theory was being taught at Riyadh University. Three hundred years earlier the Christian theologians had to concede that the earth went around the sun and not vice versa!
The religious police (Mutawain) armed with batons searched homes for alcohol, smashing dolls, record players and movie projectors, beating the bare calves of European women, knocking cigarettes out of mouths of people smoking in public.
In 1967 the sale of Christmas trees was banned, segregation of the sexes at schools was set at age nine, which was the age for girls to start to wear the veil. The King was forced by the Wahhabis to sack the Minister of Information for “offensive” programs on the very much censored T V service: even Mickey Mouse could not give Minnie a little peck.
In July 1977 a Britisher with a miniature camera was able to take some photographs which shocked the world. He snapped the public execution in Jeddah of Princess Mishael bint Fahd bin Mohammed a young married, but separated, mother and her lover Khalid Muhallah. She was shot six times in the head while her lover was beheaded. The photographs became part of the documentary, “Death of a Princess”. The British ambassador became a “persona non grata”: countries which are authoritarian cannot seem to understand that the media in open societies have much more freedom than theirs.
During 1978 to 1980 all beauty parlors in Riyadh were closed to prevent, it was claimed, women from meeting potential lovers. In 1980 women university graduates were banned from going overseas for higher degrees: the probable reason was that they came back with dangerous ideas. Women are forbidden to bicycle or jog.
An unmarried woman and man should not ride in the same car. The mutawains search photo-developing laboratories to check the “morality” of the pictures: the standards are so strict that virtually any shots showing people enjoying themselves are banned.
Men and women are separated on buses by means of a steel partition. Women may only work in jobs such as medicine or teaching where there is no contact with males. If it is necessary to contact a man it must be done by telephone or letter. Occasionally a husband-wife team can overcome the segregation and act as go-betweens for the two sexes. In universities girls are segregated into separate rooms where they can watch a male lecturer on closed circuit television: this means they cannot participate fully in the lectures.
In 1977 female clerical staff, although in short supply, were banned from working in the same offices as men. There was a ban on mixed bathing in hotel swimming pools and on men and women holding hands in public.
On New Years Day 1400 A H (20 November 1979) two hundred rebels led by Juhaiman bin Muhammad Utaibi and the “Expected Mahdi” Muhammad bin Abdullah al Quatani seized the Grand Mosque at Mecca. Juhaiman rejected the “Modernism” of the Saudis, the TV service, the presence of infidels in the kingdom, relations with “godless” foreign countries and he invoked the name of the Ikhwan for his group. No doubt hoping that other Wahhabis would join in the rebellion, they held out for two weeks. A month or so later sixty three of the surviving Ikhwan were executed. This “victory” did not produce a swing towards liberalism in the kingdom; the Saudis had been frightened and made to realize that the spirit of Abdul Wahhab was still alive out there.

The ethnic cleansing of Arabia
Prophet Muhammad said (Hadith Sahih Muslim 4363)
“You (the Jews) should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle and I wish to expel you from this land. (Arabia)
and again;
(Hadith Muslim 4366) “I will expel the Jews and the Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims.”

The Persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia, having no constitution, is a Muslim monarchy under the leadership of King Fahd Bin Abd Al-Aziz. Saudi Arabia can be fairly described as the most repressive Muslim country in the world. By the end of the 7th century, Muslim raiders had either killed or expelled all Christians from the country. Today, churches are banned, prayer meetings in private homes are prohibited, Bibles are confiscated, and proclaiming the Gospel is punishable by such extreme measures as execution by beheading or life in prison. Any display of Christian symbols is entirely forbidden and the practice of Christianity even by foreigners is strictly prohibited, with a few exceptions.
The expatriate church, numbering over 30,000, is forced to meet in secret and the Saudi Muslims converting to Christianity, which are growing in number, are taking extreme measures to guard their identity in fear of severe reprisals from the government or family members. The government’s religious police, the Mutawah, routinely searches for Christians holding Bible studies in their homes or otherwise sharing their faith in public. In 1997, two Filipinos who became Christians while in prison, were beheaded after being warned numerous times to halt their evangelistic activities and to stop leading Bible studies. Scores of expatriate Christians have been imprisoned and expelled on account of their beliefs. In June 1998, 31 believers were arrested in an apparent crackdown in Riyadh. ICC hosted the international coordinator for the underground house churches in Saudi Arabia and together initiated efforts in Washington that led to the release of all 31 in an unprecedented short period of time. Fortunately, all of them escaped the customary 70 lashes, but nevertheless were immediately deported. Many of them had been employed in Saudi Arabia for more than 10 years.
Christian leaders in Saudi Arabia are concerned that the government’s actions of arresting and deporting Christians is a deliberate plan aimed at eliminating all Christian activities in Saudi Arabia.
Subject: Kidnapping of Children
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 11:05 AM
Does your group address the problem of the kidnapping of children who are citizens of European and North American countries to Islamic countries, primarily by non-custodial fathers? This horrendous and inhumane act is done in the name of Islam by most of the fathers I know about. I am one of the mothers who has been cruelly separated from and denied access to my daughter Heidi Al-Omary, who is now 7 years old, for almost 3 years. This lovely girl was stolen by an Islamic fundamentalist father who did not like the laws of the US regarding child custody and so decided to take the law into his own hands. It is not Allah who told this crazy man to steal a child from her mother, but only the criminal’s misguided notion of what Allah wanted him to do. My only solace in this heartbreaking situation is that this man will spend eternity in Hell, and my child’s and my suffering will be rewarded in heaven.
Meanwhile, she is being raised by a man who was the Assistant Director of the Islamic Center of Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA—a center built by Saudi funds entirely; a Center whose members assisted in the kidnapping of my child. The stepmother is an American convert who abandoned her own two children in the United States to accompany my ex-husband to Saudi Arabia, where he lives lavishly in the employ of the ARAMCO Oil Company. These are the types of so-called Muslims of the Wahhabi persuasion who will teach my child to hate others. I know this to be true because I was married to the kid-napper for 4 awful years, and learned day by day that his heart was filled with hate for anyone who was different from him and his kind. He hated the Shiites or any other Muslim sects; he hated all other religions; he hated Arabs who were non-Saudis; he hated “white” people; he hated Americans and English people. On the other hand, he loved Adolf Hitler because Hitler murdered Jews. This is the kind of Muslim who pervades the Saudi Arabian peninsula, unfortunately.
My case is not unique, by the way. Here are the names of other children stolen to the Middle East in the name of Islam: Hani and Maisoon Ukayli; Alia and Aisha Al-Gheshayan, Zaid Ziadeh, Rayan El-Kadi, Leila and Mohammed Elmergawi, Dria Davis, Amjad and Rasheed Radwan, Nadia Dabbagh, the Al-Nofaily children, Tarik and Ryan Al-Jarboa, Hatam Al-Shabrami, the Noaman children, the Zaazhoa girls, and countless others. I am a member of PARENT INTERNATIONAL, a non-profit organization like yours that assists the families of children illegally removed to foreign countries. While the Islamic countries are by no means the only violators of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (which most of them have ratified) and the Hague Convention (which most of them refuse to ratify), it is the Middle Eastern Islamic countries where left-behind victim parents have the most difficulties. Mothers cannot see their children or even speak to them by telephone if the father denies them.
Our law enforcement agencies have no authority there, and local INTERPOL agencies refuse to arrest kidnappers who are citizens of these countries. The governments of Islamic countries are notorious for protecting international kidnappers, terrorists, and other criminals who seem to get safe haven there. What kind of Islam is this that is practiced by the Al-Saud family, the Protectors of the Two Holy Mosques? When they allow tortures and beheadings of non-Muslims, the enslavement of foreign children—especially girls; the denial of basic human rights to kidnap victims; the harboring of fugitives like Osama bin Laden and Idi Amin, then is this Islam? If it is, then it is no wonder that the rest of the civilized world sees the Islamic world as degenerate, cruel, heartless, ruthless, and totally inhuman.
One of the best things your group could do for the entire Middle East and the world is to work to overthrow the corrupt Al-Saud regime in Saudi Arabia. If your association could do this without installing an even crueller, more fundamentalist regime in Saudi Arabia, then we the mothers of the Islamic kidnapping epidemic of our precious children might be able to put our arms around them and kiss them again once in this lifetime. I fear this is too much to hope for. As long as the Saudis control the oil wells, and Prince Bandar bin Sultan controls Washington with his purse strings, then we have no hope of a normal life for our children and us. My daughter has a grandmother and grandfather who love her and who may die without seeing her again, since they are very old. She has uncles, aunts, cousins, a sister and brother, a sister-in-law and brother-in-law, and even a new nephew she has never seen. Islam has destroyed my family. There is nothing you can tell a mother with a broken heart that will excuse this behavior. These crimes against children are among the most despicable acts of Islamic cowardice I have yet seen—and I have seen many in my 51 years of life.
Yours truly,
Margaret McClain
Added 24/6/02
An American mother called Monica Stowers recently testified on Capitol Hill about her fruitless attempts to recover her two children, who were spirited away to the kingdom in 1985 by her estranged Saudi husband.
In 1990, during the reign of Bush the elder, she managed to get her son and daughter to the US embassy in Riyadh where she assumed they could expect sanctuary. Instead, a US official not only had her thrown out on the street, he also ordered a guard to drive the kids home to their father.
Another mother, Pat Roush, told how her two children were snatched from their Chicago home and flown to Saudi Arabia, where the youngest was recently forced into an arranged marriage. Like Stowers, she complained that US officials were more interested in making excuses for Saudi despotism than in arranging the return of her children.
Custody of Children (from Women and Islam)
Custody depends upon which Islamic School of Jurisprudence is involved. The traditional view is that boys are taken by the father after they have been weaned, that is at age two, while little girls leave their mothers at seven years of age. As this led, in many cases, to socially harmful consequences the Malechite School of Sunni Islam allows girls to stay with their mother and boys up until puberty. She does not get custody if she is not a fit person nor does she retain custody if she re-marries. Her mother, provided that they are not living together, or her former mother-in-law look after the children. The mother must not have a full-time job; she should have plenty of time to look after them.
The Kernel of evil
Business as Usual with Saudi Arabia?
by Irwin Stelzer

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to Baghdad to get rid of Saddam
Hussein. Americans came to realize that they might have to take a detour
through Riyadh. The famed Rand consultancy has just advised the Pentagons
Defense Policy Board that Saudi Arabia is the kernel of evil, and that
serious thought should be given to taking control of the 25 percent of the
worlds known oil reserves on which the Kingdom happens to sit. Secretary
of State Colin Powell rushed to reassure the Saudi regime that Rand doesnt
make U.S. policy, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the leak of
the report is clearly harmful. But sources close to the Pentagon tell me
that some members of the Saudi royal family are sufficiently apprehensive
about their countrys increasing unpopularity in the U.S. to fear that the
days of business as usual are over.

The Rand report is the culmination of a learning process that has been
underway since September 11. First, Americans discovered that the regime
that controls Saudi Arabia consists of a bunch of not-very-nice royals.
Second, Americans discovered that the House of Saud is the principal
financier of the terrorists against whom President Bush has declared war.
Third, Americans are beginning to realize that they have to do something
about our dependence on Saudi Arabian oil.

Start with the nasty bit. For years Saudi Arabias ambassador to the United
States, Prince Bandar, managed to create a pleasant image of his country
by lavish entertaining, shrewd schmoozing, and making himself useful to
successive U.S. administrations when they needed an Arab intermediary. Add
to that the exotic flowing robes of visiting Saudis, a kind of desert
chic, and you had an American public not terribly inclined to notice the
regimes repression of women and its support for the Islamic radicals who
use the regime-funded schools and mosques to incite violence against the

Then came September 11, and Americans couldnt fail to notice that 15 of
the 19 terrorists involved in the attacks were Saudis. Not a coincidence,
says the Rand report. And no surprise to students of Saudi affairs that
its rulers even now continue to fund the schools and mosques that are
homes to preachers of violent anti-American dogma, and have shown no
inclination to cooperate with American efforts to cut off the flow of
funds to terror organizations. As former Deputy Assistant Secretary of
State Edward Morse puts it, They wont give us information, wont help track
people down, and wont let us use our bases that are there to protect them.
Rand goes further, pointing out that the Saudis are active at every level
of the terror chain.

Which brings us to Saudi oil. Americans have gotten the clue: the money we
spend on Saudi oil not only supports the welfare state that bribes the
unemployed and unemployable middle class into acquiescence to rule by
unelected royals, and pays for the lush palaces of the kingdoms thousands
of princes. It is also used to make austere caves habitable for the
terrorists who continue to threaten America and the West.

America often takes a long time to react to having thumbs stuck in its
eye, but react it eventually will. The problem is not in the resolve to do
something, but in figuring out just what to do. President Bush wants to
increase domestic production of oil, and add to the Strategic Petroleum
Reserve. But with even the nations limited storage facilities only partly
filled, that strategy cant do more than buy a few months of relief should
the Saudis join a new boycott in support of Iraq, or Islamic extremists
take over their country. Neither can drilling holes in the Alaska National
Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which at best can yield only enough oil at current
prices merely to cover a portion of the increase that will occur in
American oil consumption by 2010 or 2020, when that Alaskan oil might come
on stream.

The greens, of course, want to lower demand rather than increase domestic
supply. Not a bad idea, except that even on the most optimistic
assumptions, economically sensible conservation cannot produce enough
savings in consumption, soon enough, to make America independent of Saudi
manipulation of oil markets.

Then there are the optimists who have discovered the fact that Russia sits
on a lot of oil, and is rapidly increasing its production. Switch to oil
from our new ally, they say, and we can afford to get tough with the
Saudis. That was the thinking behind President Bushs decision to agree to
a joint energy development strategy with Russian president Vladimir Putin
at their May summit in Moscow.

But Russias limited ability to expand output in the near- and medium-term,
and the high cost of producing and transporting oil from Russian
fieldssomething like four-to-five times the cost in Saudi Arabiamakes it
an inadequate alternative should Saudi oil become unavailable to the U.S.

Besides, American planners for regime change in Iraq cant be certain that
Russia will continue to export at current levels when Bush decides that
the time is ripe to move on Iraq, a long-time Russian client-state.

All of which is why there is mounting talk around Washington of a possible
American takeover of the Saudi oil fields. Should bin Ladens associates
topple the existing regime, or even seem to be about to do so, or should
the Saudis shut down their wells, the affected world community may feel
compelled to liberate the wells of Arabia and restore production, writes
S. Fred Singer of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. After
all, that is what America did in Kuwait. But, adds Singer, this time we
might not return the wells to the original owners, who by then will have
departed to hotels on the Riviera or to the Dorchester.

Sound far-fetched? Just watch the intensity of the services commemorating
the first anniversary of September 11 if you doubt that Americans aim to
do whatever is necessary to win their war on terror.

This article appeared in Londons Sunday Times on August 11, 2002, and is
reprinted with permission.

Saudi Arabia – Friend or Foe?
From “The Los Angeles Times: August 8, 2002”

U.S. Disavows Report on Saudis

, From Times Wire Services

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration distanced itself Tuesday from a
Pentagon briefing that described Saudi Arabia as an adversary of the United
States and a backer of terrorism, with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld
saying the briefing doesn’t represent the views of the U.S. government and
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell repeating that message in a call to the
Saudi foreign minister.

The White House also distanced itself from the comments, and in Jidda, Saudi
Foreign Minister Prince Saud al Faisal denounced the briefing as “pure

The briefing to the Defense Policy Board, a Pentagon advisory panel made up
of former senior officials and retired top military officers, recommended
that U.S. officials demand that Saudi Arabia stop supporting terrorism or
face retaliation.

“The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain,” asserted the
briefing, which was delivered July 10 by Laurent Murawiec, a Rand Corp.
international security analyst. It also said, “Saudi Arabia supports our
enemies and attacks our allies.”

The briefing recommended that the United States target Saudi oil fields and
financial assets if the Mideast nation didn’t take certain actions against

“It is unfortunate that there are people in some quarters who are trying to
cast doubt and undermine the solid and historic ties between our two
countries,” Saud said in a statement. “I am confident that they will not

“Saudi Arabia is a long-standing friend and a long-standing ally,” White
House spokesman Scott McClellan said. “We very much appreciate the way they
are cooperating in the global war against terrorism.”

Rumsfeld did acknowledge differences with the Saudis.

“It is nonetheless a country where we have a lot of forces located and we
have a had a long relationship, and yet … a number of the people who were
involved [in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks] happen to have been Saudi
individuals,” Rumsfeld told Pentagon employees.

U.S. lawmakers are among those who have complained that Saudi Arabia hasn’t
done enough to rein in support for the Al Qaeda terrorist network, discourage
suicide bombings by Palestinians or support U.S. military operations in

From “Left Shoe News”

Saudi Arabia
About 100 Saudis are among the 500 Taliban and al-Qaeda prisoners at the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Fifteen of the nineteen September 11 hijackers were Saudi nationals. Bin Laden was stripped of his Saudi citizenship after calling for the overthrow of the ruling Saudi dynasty.
10/6/02 Eau de Cologne kills 19 in SA
Nineteen people have died in Saudi Arabia from drinking cologne laced with poisonous methanol. Alcohol is banned under the kingdom’s strict Sharia, Islamic law.

16/5/02 Saudi torture condemned by United Nations.
The UN Committee against Torture has criticized Saudi Arabia over the amputations and floggings it carries out under Sharia, Islamic law. Such penalties violate international conventions against cruel and degrading treatment.
Amnesty International says that the kingdom is guilty of widespread human rights abuses, with the silent consent of western powers which are reliant on Saudi oil.

10/4/02 Briton sentenced to 800 lashes.
Gary O’Nions, 56, has been sentenced to eight years in prison, a fine of 400,000 pounds and 800 lashes for making and selling alcohol.by a court in Saudi Arabia. (These would have to be spread over a period of time as noone could take that much punishment at one go.) HRAIC considers whipping as torture which Islam denies.

26/1/01 UN urges Saudi Arabia to halt child floggings
The UN committee on the Rights of the Child called on Saudi Arabia to halt child floggings, stonings and amputations of young offenders. It noted that anti-vice officials “routinely harass and assault persons under 18 for dress code infractions” and that Saudi laws discriminate against females and non-Muslims.
The Saudi reply was that “women enjoy the same rights as men”. But women are banned from driving a car or travelling without the permission of their husband or other male relative.

29/3/01 Pokemon cards banned in Saudi Arabia
A religious fatwa has been made against Pokemon in Saudi Arabia. Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah said it encouraged gambling as well as carrying religious symbols representing Zionism, Christianity and Free Masonry. They also appeared to be based on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which Islam rejects.
Because of severe punishments for violators, including whippings, revocation of trade licences, stiff fines and deportation, the edict is expected to be followed strictly.

26/4/01 Saudis keep ban on women drivers
Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef reaffirmed that his government had no intention of allowing women to drive or have their own identity cards. Women who wish to draw money from a bank must use “family Ids”, cards without a photograph that identify them as the dependents of their father or husband. Saudi women must cover all but their hands, eyes and feet when in public. They cannot travel, pursue a higher education or get a job without the written approval of a male guardian.
30/4/01 Saudi government officials say they are planning to block access to a further two hundred thousand internet sites regarded as offensive. New advanced equipment would be used to block the sites.
18/4/01 Seven Muslims, including Hajjis (pilgrims to Mecca) have died in Britain from meningeococcal bacteria of the W135 strain, not found in Britain but in Saudi Arabia. Performing the Haj at least once in your lifetime is a pillar of Islam, but every year there are deaths resulting from it.

14/7/00 Executions, Amputations in Saudi Arabia
Three Yemeni men were beheaded on Friday for “the extreme obscenity of homosexuality and imitating women”. This brought the number of executions so far this year to over 70, The highest per capita rate in the world with the shameful exception of Singapore.
Three men, one a Nigerian and two Saudis had their right hands amputated for theft.

31 March 2000
The Mistake of Mixed Marriages
One danger of a marriage with a Muslim man is that the mother may lose custody of her children. See “Kidnapping of Children”
“Saudi Arabia; A Secret State of Suffering”
This is how Amnesty International descibes human rights violations in Saudi Arabia that include torture, amputations, secret trials and public executions. It “spares no effort in keeping its appalling human rights record a secret by employing well-paid, foreign based public relations firms and lobbyists.” In 1999, the oil-rich kingdom spent more than 1 million dollars for this purpose. A US citizen, Stanley Kissie, held in a Saudi prison for over five months last year without charge or trial, corroborates these charges.”Political and religious opponents of the government, migrant workers, women and other powerless individuals are constant victims of discrimination”.
Political parties and trade unions are banned, Women are not allowed to drive, must be covered from head to toe and can only travel abroad in the company of a male relative or with special government permission.
23/3/00 Saudi Arabia ranks second in the world in its rate of capital punishment. Singapore leads with 97 per ten million, Saudi Arabia next with 55.6, Iraq is next – over 50 counting political prisoners (communists and Shiites) Then Sierra Leone 50, Rwanda 34.8, Congo DR 21.5, Taiwan 14.9, Iran 10.2, China 8.9, Egypt 8.0, USA 2.5.
19/3/00 More than 637,000 sheep, cattle and camels were slaughtered as sacrifice to Allah during the Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca culminating in the Eid al-Adha, Feast of Sacrifice)
5 Nov ’98 Saudi Arabia Deports More Christians
Pann Ronquillo is the latest (22 Oct.) Philipino Christian to be deported for “blasphemous activities”, in this case distributing Bibles. For several days he was in a cell 10m by 15m with 60 other prisoners. In June, 11 other Philipino Christians were deported.
14/7/98 Saudi Arabia Releases and Deports Expatriate Christians
Several dozen foreigners alleged to be involved in Christian activities were arrested in June. Five of them, four Filipinos and one Dutchman have been expelled from the country without trial. Twenty six Filipinos remain in detention but the Filipino embassy, for its own reasons, remains silent. According to the Vatican news service Fides, one of them carried marks of physical torture. Gaudencio Lorenzo “suffered several broken bones and multiple wounds” and had been forced to “convert” to Islam before his release.
19/11/97 Witchcraft in Saudi Arabia
Abd al-Karim al-Naqshabandi, a Syrian working in Saudi Arabia was recently beheaded for witchcraft. This is in accordance with Islamic Law as Prophet Muhammad had executed a slave-girl who had used sorcery on one of his wives, Hafsah. [Hadis Malik 486:1511]
It is alleged that no defence witnesses were called and that the employer of al-Naqshabandi brought false charges against him when he refused to falsely testify against another employee.
Over 100 executions occurred in Saudi in the first nine months of the year and the per capita rate is probably the highest in the world, China notwithstanding.

27 July ’97 Two Filipino Christians Beheaded in Saudi Arabia
Ruel Janda and Arnel Betran were beheaded on 5 May in Riyadh allegedly for armed robbery. However former cellmate, Donato Lama, states that the charges against the pair were false and fabricated and the real reason for their execution was for conducting Bible Studies and Christian prayers.
Lama, a computer programmer for Saudi Airlines, had spent a lengthy period in jail on charges of “promoting Christianity”. Saudi police had discovered a photograph of him praying with other foreign nationals on Christmas Day, 1984
Justice in Saudi Arabia

The mutawa, religious police, in Saudi Arabia are using false charges, torture and forced confessions against citizens and foreign workers. Men and women socializing can be accused of prostitution and be dealt a hundred lashes. An Egyptian is receiving 4,000 lashes for theft, fifty per fortnight. Christian Filipino, Fred Mallo, held a church service in his villa and was sentenced to a year in jail and a hundred lashes.
Saudi Arabia performs approximately two hundred public beheadings a year. These include adulterers and drinkers convicted for the third time. A hundred lashes for drinking alcohol is Shariah, Islamic law, but nowhere did Prophet Muhammad prescribe execution for this. Muslims may only receive the death penalty for adultery, the murder of a Muslim or for deserting Islam.
Dr Mohammed Al-Masari was tortured in SA for advocating free elections and a free press. He is in Britain seeking political asylum but pressure is being put on PM John Major to deport him . The Saudi government is threatening to cut off arms contracts from Britain worth two billion pounds and thousands of jobs. Your message to the British High Commission in Canberra can help prevent his deportation. Please assist.


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