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Dutch former Royal Netherlands Army soldier trains jihadists in Syria

Published on 27 Jan 2014

A former Royal Netherlands Army soldier trains jihadists in Syria. The man, Dutch-Turkish dual national, named Yilmaz wears his Dutch Army uniform while training foreign fighters from Europe and all over the world.

Roozbeh Kaboly, foreign editor of the Dutch National TV program Nieuwsuur (NewsHour) found Yilmaz on his social media page (Instagram) 8 months ago. It took Yilmaz a long time to trust Kaboly and accept to give an interview. In the beginning he even denied that he was from the Netherlands.

As it’s not safe for reporters in Syria and extremist fighters target them, Nieuwsuur asked an intermediary to do the interview.


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  1. Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/silencing-a-whistle-blower-gladio-b-and-the-origins-of-isis-sibel-edmonds/5475126

    Silencing a Whistle-Blower, Gladio B and the Origins of ISIS.

    Global Research News Hour Episode 111: A Conversation with Sibel Edmonds

    By Michael Welch, Sibel Edmonds, and Jonathan WIlson
    Global Research, September 11, 2015

    “So that Operation Gladio turned into a different operation, the same Modus Operandi, of creating false flag events, synthetically created terror units, um as Islamic fanatic units, that would create these terror events, thus the chaos associated with it, thus the justification for NATO/CIA/US military intervention in Middle East today but with the goal of having more of these events taking us further in- into the previously Russian territories.” -Sibel Edmonds on Operation Gladio B (from this week’s interview.)

    Length (58:59)
    Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

    On the season debut of the Global Research News Hour, we spend the bulk of the hour with former FBI language specialist turned whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds.

    Ms. Edmonds went to work for the FBI in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks. While under the employ of the State Agency she uncovered ongoing criminal operations implicating foreign nationals and high level US officials. When she tried to report on these revelations, she was told to shut up and eventually dispatched from the agency.

    Edmonds has reported instances of FBI foreknowledge of 9/11. For example, a disclosure by a long-term FBI informant to two FBI agents and a translator, which indicated a terrorist attack in US cities involving airplanes to take place within a few months. After the disclosure was forwarded to the Special Agent in Charge of Counter-terrorism at the Washington Field Office, no action was taken, and following 9/11, the agents and translator in question were told to keep quiet about the issue. [1]

    In this week’s interview, conducted by Global Research News Hour contributor Jonathan Wilson, Edmonds discusses how she became “the most classified woman in America,” as well as how sensitive information gets contained, the rise of Islamic Terror as “Gladio B” and her assessment of the trouble-spots likely to emerge in coming months.

    Sibel Edmonds is the editor of the Boiling Frogs Post and Founder-Director of the US-based National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award, and the author of two books including her memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir and a work of fiction: The Lone Gladio.

    src=”http://www.globalresearch.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Gladio.jpg” alt=”” />

    Length (58:59)
    Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

    The Global Research News Hour airs every Friday at 1pm CT on CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg. The programme is also podcast at globalresearch.ca .

    The show can be heard on the Progressive Radio Network at prn.fm. Listen in every Monday at 3pm ET.

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    Interview Transcript

    Global Research: On the Global Research News Hour, it is Sibel Edmonds who is the editor and publisher of the Boiling Frogs Post, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, and author of the acclaimed book, Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio: A Political Spy Thriller. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist fluent in four languages and has an M.A. in Public Policy from George Mason University and a B.A. In Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Thanks so much Sibel for coming on the program!

    Sibel Edmonds: Sure! Many thanks for inviting me!

    GR: Now first, uh…I wanted, there’s so much in your story to talk about, but I first wanted to hear just um, about your life and what led you to be employed as a translator in the days following the 9/11 attacks.

    SE: Sure, I’m originally from Turkey, and I moved to the United States in 1988. This is where I got my college degree, my master’s degree, and I never planned working for the government in any form. But in 1990s for my university related coursework, I wanted to have a summer internship in a division of the FBI that deals with crime against children. So at that point I had sent them a request, filled out the forms, and of course in the forms there was a section that asked information about any other talents or languages spoken etc.

    Anyhow I filled out that form, I sent it to the FBI, I never heard from them. And years went by and September 11 happened and three days after September 11, I received a call from the FBI’s Washington Field Office, this is in Washington, D.C., asking me to come and help them work on some really urgent terrorism and counter-intelligence related cases. I was very surprised that at that point in my life I was not ready to go and work for the FBI, but they pressed the issue, they actually begged because they didn’t have enough language specialists with also geo-strategic information, political information which my background provided for all of that.

    So they said we are even willing to have you as a contract worker and you can determine your own hours. And give us as much as you can, our country needs you Ms Edmonds, etc, etc. So how could I have said no? I saw it as an opportunity to do something for what is coined, has been coined as National Security, I’m laughing because that was a really an eye-opener experience.

    I was naïve back then. I truly believed what majority of the people here in the United States believed, still believe today. And that is, you know, we don’t have a perfect system but we have this great thing called constitution and a system of checks and balances and separation of powers. That’s what I got my Master’s Degree on (laughter)! Um, but as often as it was the experience, the whistle-blowing it was an eye-opener. It was like waking up from this extreme sleep and seeing the reality of this nation unfortunately, and the illusion that is being sold to the public.

    GR: It’s ironic that they begged you to work there, amd then, uh, and then you end up getting fired from your position because you’re speaking out against what you saw as a cover-up there. So, working there for six months, what led to your firing for people who don’t know the details of the story?

    SE: Sure, I mean I have documented that in detail in my book Classified Woman. Which government fought and they said if I were to publish this book I would go to jail. They said every single word in this book is classified, etc. And maybe we will get into that a little bit later, and it’s really hard to give bullet points and summarize what took place during that short period.

    The division I was working for – I worked for many divisions there. I worked with Counter-terrorism agents in various field offices in the country, the Chicago Field Office, FBI Chicago Field Office – Counter-terrorism, the New Jersey Field Office, etc, but my main work was with the Counter-intelligence Division, and this was the highly specialized unit in the Washington DC Field Office that dealt with Counter-intelligence-related operations, and it involved other types of criminal activities than jointly, I’m saying jointly, I’m emphasizing jointly by both US persons and also foreign individuals and because the FBI did not have any analyst with both the language capabilities of the region and this is Turkey and other Turkish speaking nations, you’re looking at countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus, I ended up serving as both analyst and language specialist for this special division within the FBI’s Washington DC Office.

    And that’s where most of the explosive information was resided, not within the counter-terrorism division- most people would think it would be counter-terrorism that would have all these operations and activities under, but actually it was under counter-intelligence division, and these also involved high-level US individuals, from Congress, from the State Department from the Pentagon who were engaged in operations and activities that were illegal and also terrorism related in the United States and around the world. And the agents, the FBI Agents who were in charge of this unit, they all had good intentions and they were exasperated, they were trying to get these processed as current counter-terrorism operations and be investigated and dealt with as such, however they were being blocked by the State Department and CIA because those operations were sanctioned by- by those entities, by – by those agencies, mainly I would say the CIA and the State Department.

    So, they didn’t go any further than just wasting exasperation, but after getting exposed to what that information was, and these files, some of them dated back to 1997, these were ongoing operations both from the surveillance part, from the FBI’s side, and also from these networks and individuals and organizations that carried out these operations, that were targets of the FBI’s counter-intelligence investigations.

    So, I – I decided to really speak up, and I didn’t jump out there and go to some reporter or to a journalist. As I said, I started that work as a very naïve person. I believed in the system, and the system dictated that you take this to your superior. If it doesn’t work you take it to this department. So, from there I ended up with the FBI’s own OPR department, that’s the Office of Professional Responsibility. From there, it went up to – my case – all the way to the Director’s office, and that’s Director Mueller himself, and this was when I was asked to basically shut up, to hush and not to pursue this, and that forced me to go outside the FBI and again within the government . So I went to the Inspector- General’s Office for the Department of Justice, and I went to the appropriate committees in the Congress, both the Senate and the House, places like the Judiciary Committee, the Intelligence Committee, and from there I ended up with the 9/11 Commission.

    “…actually it was under counter-intelligence division, and these also involved high-level US individuals, from Congress, from the State Department from the Pentagon who were engaged in operations and activities that were illegal and also terrorism related in the United States and around the world.”

    So to make the long story short, for about a year and a half, and this includes after the time I was fired, I was working within the system, trying to get these extremely, extremely dangerous important issues addressed , made public via so-called appropriate channels. And then from there it went to the media, which was around mid to late 2002, and yes, I was fired after six-seven months and then the case became a court case. My case went all the way to the Supreme Court and during the entire process the government stepped in, not only the FBI but also the CIA and the State Department, and requested the courts, the judges, both for the Appellate Court, the Lower Courts, and later the Supreme Court, to shut down the case, and say everything about this woman, this lady, is classified. In fact, they succeeded in having the court rule for them by saying that even the languages I speak are all classified, where I was born is classified, where I went to school in the United States is classified, that everything about me basically was classified, and- and this is the other separate branch – we are talking about the courts in the United States, the Federal Courts. And then after that it was the media so that’s basically the very shallow, I guess, summary version of this case that is now almost 13 years old.

    GR: Right and uh, the detail in your book, Classified Woman, you know fills in all those details , and like you’re saying all these things about you are classified. You’re referred to as the most gagged, most classified person in the United States, then you come out with this book and it was self-published right?

    SE: Yes, I was forced to self-publish it because when I took the job with the FBI I was made, it was mandatory to sign hundreds and hundreds of pages of bureaucratic documents. Well one of the document forms that I signed at the time, before I took the contract job with the FBI was if in the future whether I was retired long even after if I was gone from the FBI if I were to publish a non-fiction book, I was obligated, because I have the highest level Security Clearance with the FBI, and as a result of holding that security clearance while you’re working with these agencies whether it’s the CIA or the FBI, you’re obligated to send the manuscript, before you send it to any publishers, to any agent, to any editor, etc, you have to send it to the FBI’s Department of Justice’s Special Division, and it is called the basically the pre-publication review.

    And this division they take your manuscript and they go through it… to see whether or not you have either intentionally or unintentionally have put anything that is considered sensitive or classified in your book in your non-fiction, and if they find such information whether it’s a word or a sentence or a name, what they do is they black it out. They send you the manuscript, and they give you a chance to go and take out those sensitive information those words those sentences those names, and only after that when you have this FBI’s DOJ’s approval that yes, there’s nothing sensitive or classified in your manuscript, then you can go to the publishers etc and go with the publishing process – go forward with the publishing process.

    Well, I sent mine and legally, by law, the Justice Department was required in thirty days …complete this process of sending my manuscript- send it back to me. Well, they sat on it for six months. I had to go and get a law firm, I had to go and get an attorney, and my attorney was started engaging with this dialogue saying where is this manuscript, you have thirty days, that’s the legal time allowance for you. After six months of back and forth and additional six months the FBI DOJ Division , they sent a letter official letter saying they considered everything in my book, every single word including the title classified and sensitive. So they basically sent back the entire thing blacked out, that includes the author’s name and the title of the book!

    GR: Wow, that’s a lot of …

    SE: Could you imagine how ludicrous that would be? (chuckle)

    GR: That’s a lot of ink, yeah.

    SE: Because this book also has some background information of my father, and where I was born, and little bit of my childhood.

    GR: Right!

    SE: So, my attorney sent a letter saying that’s ludicrous, they went to the appeal process. They said no. She publish a single word and she’s going to go to jail! Because everything she has in here is classified. And we have all these letters in fact, people can go and find it via google all the letters that the FBI sent and my attorneys had a press release saying look at these letters. This has never happened in the history of this country that an entire book is being considered classified and blacked out. It’s against the First Amendment and it’s very Kafkaesque really. And they couldn’t care less.

    “After six months of back and forth and additional six months the FBI DOJ Division , they sent a letter official letter saying they considered everything in my book, every single word including the title classified and sensitive. So they basically sent back the entire thing blacked out, that includes the author’s name and the title of the book!”

    They said it is what it is. And at that point I said no, I’m going to challenge this because it is ludicrous, and see if they’re going to – how are they going to argue for this in any court – in any court of law? You know? And this is after the experience of seeing that the court, the federal courts of law in this country, they’re truly not independent.

    So, I took it to some publishers, some of the main publishers , and they said under no circumstances would they publish it, it was a great book, but they didn’t want to get into any trouble with the FBI, and unless I – I brought them something that said Department of Justice or the FBI sanctions this , they’re not going to publish.

    So at that point I hired my own editors and cover designers and proof-readers, I established my own little company and we spent months preparing and then later publishing this book, independently, which we did, and nothing happened. ..I guess it was all bluff by the government knowing very well that 99.9% of people, whistle-blowers, would back off and the wouldn’t dare going ahead and publish it. And, in a way it’s a vindication that people should not, I guess, back down and give up when they face such ludicrous, really fascistic, government’s response, or government ultimatum.

    GR: Right it’s like they don’t want you to say a single word, or print a single word, but uh, if they were to take any action it would draw so much attention to what you wrote also so they’re trying to, I guess, hope that no one sees it right?

    SE: Exactly! Because look, we know the intimate incestuous relationship connection between the US mainstream media and the publishers and the government agencies especially the, such as the CIA and Pentagon. So they knew that they had those fronts under control, meaning this was not going to be widely distributed in the bookstores. They knew that none of the mainstream media outlets under any circumstances were going to provide any coverage.

    So with the hope that it would die down and nobody would see it, they didn’t do anything in order not to draw more public attention. And I would say for a self-published book, independently published book, they did pretty good, it maybe sold over 20,000 copies. Interestingly I would say half of it were purchased and bought by people outside the United States. I would say places like United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, uh, they, all of them together, they account for, I would say, account for 50% of the book sales…I wouldn’t say it was a great success, the feedback has been incredible. And people can see it on amazon and the rating, and even its status, even after three plus years, still be ranked fairly high up there among non-fiction books, and also the reviews from hundreds and hundreds of people.

    So, again I would say that alone was encouraging vindication of not backing off and saying you know the publishers are not touching it, mainstream media is not going to cover this, so I’m going to go away, I’m discouraged, I’m not going to do this. Saying, well today with the technology, we can do certain things that we couldn’t have done 15, 20 years ago , and challenge it, challenge it with every chance you get, I guess.

    GR: Yeah, I followed your story since I heard about it in the mid-2000s and so when I saw that you were publishing this book I was, you know, I was intrigued because, because all this information had been withheld, and state secrets and so forth…I’ve read it and then passed it along to other people who’ve had their minds blown. So it’s getting out there, but it’s one of those things where as soon as soon as people read it or hear about it then they want to know but it’s hard to spread that information you know when mainstream channels have decided it’s a non-story or won’t touch it, right?

    SE: Absolutely! I mean, to give you an example for this, um, so-called whistle-blower case, the Valerie Plame case, um, CIA sanctioned the book and actually the publisher, they got the written consent from the CIA that it was okay to publish the book. And also they garnered political support from the Democratic Party. And for that book not only they received three million dollars, okay? But also, around the clock for three months coverage from the CNN, and CBS, Sixty Minutes, and all these mainstream outlets both print and TV news. And so, the difference there being this book was not sanctioned by the CIA or the State Department or the FBI or the Pentagon. It was a true whistle-blower, real life whistle-blower story.

    But also, another characteristic of my book was the fact that it was so non-partisan because anyone who reads it, they realize there really is no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party whatsoever, and the fact that it’s rotten at its core and basically you’re staring at the two sides of the same coin, and so when you are in that position your angle is not considered partisan, meaning you’re banging on one administration, I don’t care whether it’s the just the Obama Administration or Bush Administration, that you have this cheering crowd, the same establishment the same rotten people who are under the brand of Democratic Party, or Republican Party. And-and – so that alone becomes a major roadblock.

    But I say in the long run, it is a historical document, it is going to stay hopefully around and anybody who reads it, and this has been the reaction so far, people have good gut feelings. They can smell… when they read something that is written with an agenda, or with partisanship and it’s something that is totally coloured. And that has been the case so far. And I don’t have any regrets. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I would never do it any other way.

    And I was also very cautious with not really including anything any information that was justifiably classified, because I think that would be nefarious. You know, Let’s say if there is an ongoing criminal investigation against a real target and it’s going to go to court and you end up putting that information there and thus damaging the case. I’m just giving an example. That would just be with a nefarious kind of detention. I did not give that.

    And also, one of the things that I learned during the publication process, was that while I had to submit my manuscript for pre-review, publication and etc, pre-publication review, you as someone who held classified, top-secret, clarification and classification at work and experience etc, you don’t have to do such things. You are not under any obligation to do such a thing, if you’re writing a fiction. And that was when I decided as I was preparing Classified Woman for publication, to sit down and spend another two years and write a fiction book, fairly truthful fiction book, and let my readers, our readers know of a lot of things that I could not talk about in a non-fiction book. Uh, it would have given the excuse to the government to come after me and actually thrown me in jail. And they would have done so had they found anything that is in any way justifiably classified in Classified Woman.

    “…another characteristic of my book was the fact that it was so non-partisan because anyone who reads it, they realize there really is no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party whatsoever, and the fact that it’s rotten at its core and basically you’re staring at the two sides of the same coin.”

    But I followed up with a book that would be a follow-up book to Classified Woman. It’s a fiction book that came out last September – it’s been exactly a year – it came out on September 11, 2014 – that is a fiction book. It’s Lone Gladio, and anybody who has read my Classified Woman book, reading the Lone Gladio they would understand what really this fiction is all about.

    GR: Right! Yeah it’s “fiction” in quotation marks, and with the title “Lone Gladio,” sounds like, you know, a reference to “Operation Gladio” or “Gladio B.” Could you talk a little bit about what that means?

    SE: Well, it’s hard to summarize this, uh, because uh, sometimes uh, I’m afraid suh- oversimplifying things can-can leave it up to so many different kinds of interpretation…

    GR: Sure.

    SE: …but, Operation Gladio is not some kind of a…a conspiracy term or something that people come up with saying I believe there was such an operation. Operation Gladio, people can go and do a google search and they can find it, even from the CIA’s (chuckle) own division…

    GR: Right, yeah.

    SE: …four year documents that in nineteen uh, late nineteen fifties after World War 2, after CIA was established, after NATO was established, uh, NATO together with the CIA they created this paramilitary units uh, covert paramilitary units uh around the world, mainly in Europe, uh some in the Middle East, um, to basically counter the Soviet Union and the spread of communism as an ideology.

    So the role of these paramilitary units, funded, directed, managed, armed by the CIA and NATO was, during these years, in Europe and elsewhere, were to create terror events. You know, blow up bombs, um, gun down people, set, let’s say a shopping centre on fire, and then blame it on the communist net-communist networks. And they did hundreds of such operations. There are several good books from historians who have documented these false flag terror events, terror events that were created, implemented, brought about by the CIA/NATO’s paramilitary units within Eastern Europe, in Italy, and in Italy they were very big, but the biggest nation that they had the biggest units, we just had its own also office inside the Pentagon was in Turkey, and that’s where I’m from! (chuckle!) – the Turkish arm of the Gladio network.

    So, they did all this and you’d think that once the Soviet Union dissolved in 1990-1991, the operation would have been basically shut down, because this was against communism so-called. That’s the uh basically the competition between the two superpowers, not per se the communism as ideology, it was the fight for the dominance – global dominance. But they didn’t shut it down.

    They switched that and they changed the operation from – the original operation to Operation B, Gladio Operation B.

    SE: Starting in 1995-1996, and these are paramilitary NATO and CIA units in central Asia, in Caucasus, in Middle East and in North Africa, utilizing these units, paramilitary units under fanatic Islam labels and title and terror organization names and have them basically create terror events in that part of the world. For example they have, and this is Gladio Operation B, they have Chechen networks, and they have had these units trained inside Turkey, and this is the mid-1990’s and it still continues today, and they arm them and they set up operational guidelines with targets to let’s say blow up a school or a movie theatre somewhere in Russia whether it is Moscow or St. Petersburg or elsewhere. Or let’s say somewhere in Georgia or Azerbaijan. Same thing with what you see in other parts of the Middle East.

    So that is Operation Gladio turned into a different operation, the same modus operandi of creating false flag events synthetically created terror units as Islamic units that would create these terror events thus the chaos associated with it, thus the justification for NATO, CIA, US military intervention in the Middle East today, but with the goal of having more of these events taking us further into previously Russian territories. If you look at the ultimate nations that we will be seeing more and more it will be in places such as Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and basically closing further and further towards Russia because when they do create these events as consequences provides the pretext to interfere and go inside those nations, for example Azerbaijan is now becoming a NATO member, we have a large base in Azerbaijan, anyone can go and look at a map and see how close it is to Russia and Georgia is another candidate to become a NATO member.

    “…they have Chechen networks, and they have had these units trained inside Turkey, and this is the mid-1990’s and it still continues today, and they arm them and they set up operational guidelines with targets to let’s say blow up a school or a movie theatre somewhere in Russia whether it is Moscow or St. Petersburg or elsewhere.”

    So, that is pretty much in a nutshell of what Operation Gladio is, and the fiction deals with that. And then I talked about my work with the FBI with this particular special unit under counter-intelligence, and I said the files dated back to 1997, well, these files specifically dealt with Operation Gladio B with both Turkish individuals and networks and organizations, as actors target actors, but also with, really brand names – US agencies and US individuals – prominent names within the State Department – US State Department – in late 1990s and early 2000s , and the CIA and also within Pentagon.

    GR: When you say “synthetically created terrorist cells or groups” are these people funded by as you say brand name groups, or state department type groups, and then are the manipulated? How does that work?

    SE: I can give you a recent example, in fact my website boilingfrogspost.com or for short bfpreport.com. In 2011, months and months before Syria came in the headlines – anything about Syria was written on the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN – we broke a story based on my sources here in United States military but also in Turkey about the fact that special CIA/NATO forces in a NATO base in Turkey, which is in the southern portion of Turkey very close to the Syrian border, they were bringing in, in Turkey, the CIA/NATO Gladio unit, they were recruiting and bringing in people from northern Syria into these camps, part of the US air force base in southern Turkey. They were training them – military training – they were arming them, and they were basically directing them towards create terror events inside Syria, not only against Assad, but also in various villages and regions against the people, against public.

    When we broke this story and decided all this, nobody from the mainstream media even looked at it, in fact several of my sources, before approaching me at Boiling Frogs Post, they had gone with evidence, with documents, aerial pictures to some of the top publications such as the New York Times, but they did not print any of this, not because of lack of supporting documents, because at that point they were not ready in the United States to make Syria the real case, they were still in the midst of training and taking these people down, funneling them back into Syria. These are really pourus borders between Syria and Turkey. Then seven, eight months later suddenly Syria started entering the news headlines in the United States.

    ” They were training them – military training – they were arming them, and they were basically directing them towards create terror events inside Syria, not only against Assad, but also in various villages and regions against the people, against public.”

    That was the training and beginning of the ISIS brand. It started as ISIL and then turned to ISIS and now for short IS. This was completed by design, it was created and the people who are part of the so called ISIS they were carefully selected, brought into the U.S. NATO base in Turkey, they were trained they were funnelled, and this is what they were told to do. They created a new brand and a new brand with purpose of replacing the old brand: Al Qaeda.

    Al Qaeda, after twelve years started to losing its oomph as a brand, this is no different than any kid of marketing strategy you would see from companies bringing in the same kind of product, but under a different brand and packaging to excite the buyers, purchasers, the consumers. This is the same kind of thing. With Al Qaeda weakening as a brand because after a while people get like, oh yeah it’s the same thing, Al Qaeda here, Al Qaeda there, they are inside the wells, they are in my backyard, they are in the outhouse. So they said this is the time to create another brand so they gave birth to this ISIS brand. Within two years this brand that never existed before, and if you go and look at the headlines you can Google ISIS and financial network, this ISIS brand became the richest terror organization on the planet with two plus billion dollars net worth.

    Think about it, how does that happen? How can in two years some ferocious terror group get to form and they have all these guns all these bombs, and they have range rovers and they have jeeps, and they have all this sophisticated training, military and paramilitary training. They have two billion dollars plus. They have IT networks and they are the worlds scariest terror organization. That is the hallmark of Operation Gladio B. That is what they have been doing since the 1950’s and now with people getting likely to buy they types of brands and subscribe to these types of brands to them, they are being marketed to the consumers in the west. They are gobbling it up with the mainstream media about this ISIS. They even have uniform like looks with the special bandanas. They look like ninja turtles.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they got some help from Hollywood production consultants they have on their payroll and some really brilliant marketing experts to re-brand Al Qaeda come up with a brand new brand, replace the old brand, and in less than two, three years make it largest, the richest, the most ferocious, the most capable. As they did with Al Qaeda, today they are putting out this headline saying ISIS has access and capability in biological weapons, people can Google this. ISIS has ability and capability to utilize chemical weapons in attack. Now they are saying that they possibly have nuclear capabilities. Even if you look at the unbelievable organizations that fairly quickly became big, you would never see such marketing scheme that in two three years you could become that rich, two billion dollars plus net worth.

    This all goes into the years and years, decades and decades, half a century of experience in creating these synthetically created terror brands, and give them the oomph to market it to the consumers here in the west.

    GR: You really here a lot of how ISIS is like Al Qaeda, but worse. Their videos are pumped out constantly, their social media is working, constantly being shown as part of their group, so it’s in the technological age.

    SE: Of course, it’s a souped-up version of Al Qaeda just re-branded with some new marketing factors entering into the equation. Of course, after having been 14 years since 9/11 it is much easier to sell it to people today, you can sell more. They are likely to buy. You have an entirely new generation that grew up since 9/11 and they have been reading everyday in the newspaper, if they read newspapers, or the social networks and the TV. Even the shows like 24 and dozens of others, you hear the words terror, terror, terrorist, Middle Eastern, Islamic terror. It has been a word that dates back all the way to the 1950’s, but since 9/11 it has become a major brand that has been sold to the public, that as a result justifies trillions and trillions of dollars that are being spent, that are being given to the military industrial complex and related organizations, intelligence complex and their contractors, and their subcontractors.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if they got some help from Hollywood production consultants they have on their payroll and some really brilliant marketing experts to re-brand Al Qaeda come up with a brand new brand, replace the old brand, and in less than two, three years make it largest, the richest, the most ferocious, the most capable.”

    So it’s a trillions and trillions of dollars economy created, it’s the regional geo-strategic dominance, because they can’t come and say, we are going to go take over Syria and divide it into three. Even with the apathy today, especially with people here in the United States, it would be a hard sell, maybe not impossible, but hard. But you create synthetically these events, and the terror groups. Then, you show it and you can say: because these people have nuclear and biological and chemical weapons and some of them have blue eyes, they can blend in and come here to the United States and blow up this elementary school in Iowa, they have that kind of a reach. They get public cheer and consent to go and send drones and bomb and take over nations.

    That has become the pretext, that has become the justification. It was for Iraq immediately after 9/11 even though Iraq had nothing to do with any of these events. And then Afghanistan, and then Libya, and now Syria, there is Yemen. Anytime anyone in the U.S pauses and says, what the heck, why are we going and bombing Yemen? It is this poor nation out in the desert. We can turn around and say: look, they have the ISIS brand there, and that ISIS brand is going to come and get you in Iowa and then say say: oh no, please go bomb them, do whatever you must, because they really look scary.

    GR: They are scaring people in the United States, but even in Canada here there was warning that said they were going to target the West Edmonton Mall specifically, and so the Conservative government here has been using that as an election platform “we are going to get ISIS,” and they passed Bill C-51, which is similar to the the Patriot Act. So it’s working on the western nations. There’s got to be a lot of people buying into these brands.

    SE: Oh absolutely, I would say the majority, at least I can speak for the people here in the United States. First of all, for them it is easy to digest, and most of them have been systematically stripped of their critical thinking ability and they just want some soundbites from the mainstream media. It’s really blurry, the difference between fiction based sitcoms and what you see watch on the news, like what see on let’s say on CBS or NBC and they work hand in hand and they accept it.

    We have to admit, they have created, especially since 9/11 an entire industry from the intelligence complex, the military industrial complex, like I said contractors and subcontractors. You are looking at domestically here in the United States trillions of dollars and if you start going outward and internationally, in terms of gaining dominance in the region, whether it is with Iraq and Syria and the Middle East, or what’s going to come, and it has been at work in Central Asia. Ukraine kind of quieted down, but we actually got what we wanted with that.

    Next we are going to see, and that’s my prediction, we are going to see some unrest in Georgia because there are going to be some so-called terror events that are going to be blamed on some ferocious Chechen factions that may be collaborating with ISIS factions, and that is going to lead to Georgia officially being accepted into NATO as a member. We already has troops in Georgia, it’s already on its way, in terms of the base. So that’s what we are going to see in that region.

    With Middle East, Iran has been placed on that back-burner. It is temporary. It is completely strategic. We created a president’s legacy that made peace with Iran. That is going to be coming back, and becoming an issue again, within the second or third year of the next coming president, until it is all done with Iran.

    But most importantly, we have two regions that people here in the United States, I’m not sure about Canada, they don’t ever get to hear. One is Central Asia/Caucasus region, the backdoor of Russia. The other is the Turkestan; Uyghuristan. The Uyghur region of China, in China it’s called Xinjiang region. People don’t hear much about that region and what has been happening. We have been training and putting in place various terror units in that region with the goal, just like Taiwan, we have this separation with that region, because those are Muslim Uyghur people, and put our military base over there.

    People may think this is far reaching, but if they go start and digging and today the technology we can research it, they will see why it is so important. In the past 10-15 years how we have been moving towards that objective, that has been an objective, but the implementation of the operations that are going to take us to the end game with that objective over there. That is going to be the subject of my coming book, hopefully next year at this time.

    (end of interview)

    The original source of this article is Global Research
    Copyright © Michael Welch, Sibel Edmonds, and Jonathan WIlson, Global Research, 2015


    Geplaatst door ariannelot | 14 maart 2016, 21:19

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