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Turkish Pals of ISIS Czar John Allen Helped Nusra AKA Al Qaeda Capture US-trained Syrian Mercenaries; Goal Was to Shield ISIS Butchers; Case Is Far Worse Violation of US State Secrets Than Petraeus or Hillary; Erdogan Must Be Expelled from NATO; Obama Needs to #FireAllen4ISIS !

Source: http://tarpley.net/turkish-pals-of-isis-czar-john-allen-helped-nusra/

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New evidence pertaining to the ambush of the Pentagon’s Division 30 platoon of Syrian rebels the Al-Nusra brigade has come to light in a recent report from the McClatchy DC news bureau. According to multiple sources cited in the signal piece report, leaks from Erdogan’s MIT Turkish intelligence to Al-Nusra encouraged the radical group to attack the freshly trained anti-ISIS fighters, leading to a handful of deaths and many being captured, including their leader Col. Nadim Hassan. The leaks were ultimately perpetrated with the tacit consent of Erdogan in order to protect his ISIS fanatics and keep pressure focused on toppling the Assad government. Erdogan feared that a US-backed contingent assaulting ISIS might start a movement in the same direction by the many hungry mercenary terrorists packed into northern Syria.

The spokesman for Division 30, clearly fearing for his life when detailing the extent of Erdogan’s treachery because he was aware of threats by the Turkish government to either kidnap or kill him, nevertheless revealed, “…we know someone aligned with Nusra informed them of our presence. They were taken within 10 minutes.”

According to another source from Division 30,

“Only the Americans and the Turks knew [exactly where and when the fighters would enter Syria]…We have sources who tell us the Turks warned Nusra that they would be targeted by this group…[Turkey was trying] to leverage the incident into an expanded role in the north for the Islamists in Nusra and Ahrar”

If the only parties aware of the Pentagon’s plan to send in ostensibly moderate anti-ISIS forces and insert them into Syria was Turkey and the US, then the only logical candidate to convey this information to circles within Turkey with the power to leak such information would be Gen. John Allen. As the nominal head of the anti-ISIS coalition, it would be his duty to inform the Turks of the coalition’s intentions and thus makes him well positioned to betray Division 30 and humiliate any attempt to take on ISIS. Allen must be arrested and interrogated before he betrays more secrets to his Turkish partner in crime.

Turkish officials quoted in the McClatchy reports confirm the intention of Turkey to break down any attempt to fight ISIS and re-direct military aggression against Assad.

“One official from southern Turkey said the arrival plans for the graduates of the so-called train-and-equip program were leaked to Nusra in hopes the rapid disintegration of the program would push the Americans into expanding the training and arming of rebel groups focused on toppling the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

Kurdish YPG forces were also aware of the leaks to Al-Nusra by Turkey and corroborate the story that the intention is that Turkey becomes leader of the Anti-Assad military campaign. YPG spokesman Mustafa Abidi said,

“They want the Americans to train and equip rebels but only on their terms and to confront both the regime and the Islamic State…This incident not only embarrassed the Americans and made the Free Syrian Army programs look weak compared to Nusra, but also makes working with Turkey on their terms even more important.”

Finally, reports by an anonymous Syrian rebel confirmed what our daily briefings have been reporting for many months, that Erdogan is the primary ally and true Caliph of ISIS intent on toppling the secular Assad government and installing a new Ottoman Empire.

“Another rebel commander…said he was not surprised Nusra would target the U.S.-trained fighters…‘Nusra are al Qaida by their own admission,’ said the commander…‘And there’s no ideological difference between Daash and the Nusra Front, just a political fight for control. All of the top Nusra commanders were once in the Islamic State.’…’[Turkey] don’t want anything bad to happen to their allies – Nusra and Ahrar al Sham – along the border and they know that both the Americans and the Syrian people will eventually recognize that there’s no difference between groups like Nusra, Ahrar and Daash,’ he said.”

Regardless of whatever capability Division 30 possessed as an anti-ISIS fighting force, Turkey’s betraying them constitutes a NATO member country infringing on an ally’s military operation. While the American mass media is flooded with contention over the email servers of Hillary Clinton and over whether she or David Petraeus is the bigger criminal, the seditious clique led by Gen. Allen and Erdogan is intent on ruining all operations against the secret army known as ISIS in the Middle East. Erdogan has become a roadblock to any progress in the region pertaining to the ISIS; in response to this treachery, Turkey must be expelled from NATO. As for Allen, Obama must fire him as soon as the Iran nuclear deal has been solidified. All supporters of an end to conflicts in the Middle East must call for an examination and expulsion of these subversive networks and re-orientation of the anti-ISIS coalition or risk wasting their time in fruitless efforts at peace. Now more than ever, the watchword must be: #FireAllen4ISIS !!


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