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Saudi Arabia Posts Ad for Hiring New Executioners

Source: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/saudi-arabia-posts-ad-for-hiring-new-executioners_052015#sthash.lHZro0hw.dpuf



Among the nations of the world, none have a foreign policy that is as hypocritical United States’. Only our government has the gall to criticize other nations for human rights abuses, while simultaneously abusing our own citizens and looking the other way when our allies do the same. This situation takes an especially strange turn when it comes to our government’s criticism of ISIS, an organization they likely trained and funded.

But out of all our frenemies and allies, few are as wicked as Saudi Arabia. Without all of their money and oil, that country would be nothing more than a theocratic version of North Korea. This is a nation that routinely flogs, beats, amputates, and tortures their citizens for offenses such as adultery, drunkenness, and petty theft. Clearly they are a bastion of human of rights, worthy of America’s friendship.

And while our government gasps and wags their finger at ISIS for beheading journalists and Christians, they have a habit of quietly ignoring Saudi Arabia for doing the same thing to their citizens. For instance, you probably won’t hear much from our government after it was revealed that Saudi Arabia placed ad in on their civil service website, that was looking to recruit 8 new executioners. They seem to have placed the ad with all the seriousness and gravity you would expect to find in a used car listing on Craigslist.

Saudi Arabia has started advertising for eight new executioners to deal with the escalating number of death sentences being issued in the country.

An advert was posted on the country’s civil service jobs portal calling for “religious functionaries” with no special qualifications for “executing a judgment of death”, Sputnik reported on Monday.

According to a downloadable pdf application form for the advertised job, apart from carrying out executions – usually carried out by beheading -the position would also involve carrying out amputations on people convicted of lesser offenses.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia beheaded a Pakistani national convicted of drug trafficking, bringing the number of executions in the kingdom since the start of this year to 84.

Supposedly the pay is at the lower end of the scale. Isn’t that lovely? They’re basically looking for people who aren’t in it for the money. How would you like be executed by someone who is in love with their awful job? I guess what they say is true. If you’re looking for a new career, find a job that you wouldn’t mind doing for free.

These new executioners and amputators will be quite busy too. Last year, 88 people were executed in Saudi Arabia. We’re barely halfway through this year, and they’ve already executed 84. Apparently these punishments are being doled out a higher rate, because more judges have been hired, and now they’re working their way through a backlog.

So keep up the good work America, and keep your friends close. As the leader of the “free” world, we know you won’t let us down.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

– See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/saudi-arabia-posts-ad-for-hiring-new-executioners_052015#sthash.lHZro0hw.dpuf


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